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Angela, a gifted stylist, has been in the industry for more than 25 years. She is a master hair stylist and business owner. Angela's unique talent and engaging personality propelled her to becoming one of the most sought after stylists in Northern Nevada. Men and women, if you want gorgeous hair that looks and feels healthy, then allow Angela to work her magic. She possesses an on-going commitment to education, and is the resident expert on hair integrity. Whether your hair is in need of age resistance, nourishing, or reconstruction, it's Angela to the rescue. She is also an artist when it comes to hair color radiance and volumizing rituals. Whether you want a lot or a little, Angela will boost your style. She has an eye for creating natural looking highlights and complimentary tones. It's not only about creating a fabulous look for you, but also about what works for your lifestyle. Her goal is to give you a style that is manageable in the salon and at home. Her training is not just limited to women, Angela provides classic cuts for men as well. Add to all of that luxurous, attentive service, and it's no wonder Angela has a huge following.

Angela is devoted to her clients and employees and often mentors young stylists seeking to become successful in their craft. She regularly volunteers her time and talents to less fortunate women seeking to move forward in their lives. Her talent, generosity and tenacity are just one of the many reasons she is so respected in her industry.


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